Why You Should Stay at St Andrews Tourist Hostel


If you have a thing for medieval buildings, beautiful castle ruins, hipster bars and restaurants and seaside scenery, then St Andrews Tourist Hostel is the perfect place for you!

Don’t let the sleepy façade fool you – St. Andrews is home to many outdoor events throughout the year, not to mention the selection of bars often brimming with talented musicians, Michelin star restaurants such as The Peat Inn, and even some nightclubs thrown in for good measure.

So if you are the outdoorsy type, you could follow in the literal footsteps of Hollywood Stars like Samuel L. Jackson to take part in the annual Dunhill Links Championship at the Old Course or just catch a couple of rounds at what is considered one of the best golf courses in the UK.  If you are a history buff, head to the gorgeous 450 year old St. Andrews Castle or the picturesque Roman Catholic Cathedral built in 1158 and immerse yourself in the past.

If you are one of many stag parties wishing to hit the town, you’re in luck. There are more pubs per square mile in St Andrews than the rest of the UK – and THAT is certainly saying something!  In fact, there are over 30 bars and pubs in this town that has only a population of roughly 16,000. Perfect if you fancy a good ol’ pub crawl before the big day!


St Andrews has more pubs per square km than anywhere else in UK


To top it all off, St Andrews West Sands Beach is only a 15 minute walk from the centre of town. This beach is a 2 mile stretch of golden perfection! In fact, it is so beautiful that it was used in the opening scenes of the movie Chariots of Fire!  Make sure that you catch the beach at sunset or sunrise – it really is breath-taking.  Just don’t forget your hat and scarf – it is Scotland after all!

If all of this sounds appealing, how does £11 a night in one of the top hostels sound?  No, we’re not joking – you could experience all of the aforementioned goodness and so much more if you stay with us at the St Andrews Tourist Hostel, and seeing as our rooms start at just £11, you’ll have plenty of cash to splash in all those pubs!



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